Life is a journey, and what we encounter along the way has been proven to be very unpredictable. Many at times we don’t know what will happen next, so we just roll with flow. In that journey, you may face situations that are equivalent to that heavy fall that leaves you severely injured, stalling your progress whether it’s emotionally, physically or even financially.

To reduce the risks that comes along with that fall, we have learnt over time to place cushions along the paths we take so that should we fall, the landing can be softer. And that’s what the Diaspora Life Plan Product (in collaboration with Liberty insurance) is designed to do for you. It cushions life’s unpredictability for you and your loved ones while in the Diaspora.

 The world is not our permanent home, and the truth of the matter is that death happens when we least expect it. But what happens when it happens and you’re in the Diaspora? The logistics involved in making the burial arrangements can be financially draining for your family – from purchasing the tickets, providing a dignified funeral ceremony back at home. And if the person was a breadwinner of the family, this becomes a new burden for the family as they have to now take up his/her responsibilities.