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KDHC-2021 (08-10 Dec 2021)

The Diaspora Expo

This unique 3 day event is organized by The Kenya Diaspora Alliance (KDA) through the Diaspora Investment Club Limited (DICL) and targets diaspora communities, their families locally, investors, corporates, professionals, embassies, students, support organizations, service providers among other stakeholders.

2021 Annual Diaspora Convention

The Kenya Diaspora Alliance (KDA) wishes to announce the annual Diaspora Convention to take place in Nairobi from December 08th-10th 2021. Kenyans who are domiciled in Europe, United States, Canada (the Americas), Australia, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, among others, will congregate in Nairobi to deliberate on a wide range of important national and global issues.

While the event has been conducted mostly in person, the COVID-19 pandemic pushed for innovation that in 2020 led to a double-hybrid (ConfExpo) event with 100 participants present in person at Ole Sereni Hotel in Nairobi and over 700 attending live virtually from around the world. Thousands more watched the event over the next few weeks through online channels. Half a dozen companies exhibited, mainly physically (while observing all COVID-19 protocols), while a few did so remotely, from places as far afield as the USA.
This year we are looking forward to an even bigger event with many more attending in person and even more attending virtually as we perfect our digital engagement.

2021 Annual Diaspora Convention

Our proposition for this year is to spur a conversation about how we can Leverage diaspora remittances for the economic growth of the country, the region and the Continent. With our understanding of the remittances being made by Africans to their home-countries, we believe that the right channeling of these funds would lead to great economic growth and empowerment of rural and other poor communities for overall economic growth of nations.
We seek to engage different economic experts and remittance experts as well as drivers and stakeholders in county, national, regional and continental development to speak about the opportunities available for diasporas to invest in back home.
We understand that many diasporas want to return home but without proper investments to sustain them in their sunset years, there is nothing to return to and so many of them remain stuck in their migrant nations sad to their final demise.
We believe that investing back home will not only elevate a sense of pride, but also significantly increase remittances for posterity. The Kenya Diaspora Alliance (KDA) has set a target to work with partners (government and corporates) to double the remittances to US$ 5-6 billion, and increase the percentage going into investments and hard savings from the current 25-30% by the year 2030.

Main Objective of the Conference

The Overall objective of the conference will be to sensitize diasporas on the opportunities available for them to invest back home as opposed to just sending money for consumption and subsistence. We seek to use this forum to reassure diasporas of safeguards already in place for their investments as well as considerations and efforts being made to further secure their interests and remittances.

Main Objective of the Conference

  1. Enlighten diasporas on smart and secure approaches to saving and growing the value of their savings.
  2. Different channels of remitting money back home in safe, affordable ways
  3. Create awareness of initiatives underway for investment in the continent with key stakeholders
  4. Encourage them to develop and take advantage of interventions that are opening up new opportunities for diasporas to take up, e.g. the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA)
  5. The focus on remittances growth in rural areas to spur economic development, including through but not limited to agro-processing, value addition, micro/cottage industries, etc.
  6. Opportunities available to be strategic agents for remittance in their domicile countries
  7. Strategic partnerships within KDA that can be leveraged for personal and collective growth of interests back home.
  8. Support that KDA provides for diasporas.
  9. Unique Opportunities in a post-election Kenya.
Why the Diaspora Expo?

Kenyan Culture

For anyone looking to be part of Kenya’s economic, cultural and ideological change, and be part of the dialogue.

Build Networks

Help the global and local diaspora community to connect and interact with Influential people from relevant business cycles and build networks.

Learn & Grow

Grow, learn, connect, network, be inspired and collect feedback from existing mentors in respective fields.

Trends & Opportunities

New trends, cutting-edge solutions, amazing opportunities and or attending conferences critical to Kenya’s and your future is important.
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