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KDA Workshop

consultative workshop was held on the 4th August, 2015 at Silver Springs Hotel.


KDA Workshop

The Kenya Diaspora Alliance with support from VSO Jitolee held a one day consultative workshop held on the 4th August, 2015 at Silver Springs Hotel.

It was a series of roundtable meetings, workshops and workshops planned to discuss and concretise the proposed Diaspora Engagement Strategy and Plan.

This workshop specifically focused on contributing to an improved and enhanced engagement strategy within the following five (5) thematic focus areas:-


Five (5) Thematic Focus Areas

Investment Opportunities

Investment opportunities awareness creation (both at national and county levels), vehicles, and capacity building

Key Policy Areas

Key Policy areas to enhance Diaspora social economic political engagement, especially Diaspora voting and representation

KDA Capacity Building

Strengthening and enhancing KDA’s facilitative role through resource mobilisation and institutional capacity building.

Sharing key topical issues

Diaspora input potential to National sustainable and economic development of Kenya through knowledge and experience sharing on key topical issues (e.g. insecurity, corruption/governance and ukabila), philanthropy and volunteerism


Building and strengthening networking and partnerships between Diaspora, public and private sector in Kenya for purposes of job creation and empowerment of Diaspora, youth and women, and the development of sport and culture