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 The annual Diaspora Convention took place in Nairobi from December 9-11, 2015



The Kenya Diaspora Alliance (KDA) announced the annual Diaspora Convention that took place in Nairobi from December 9-11, 2015. Kenyans who are domiciled in Europe, United States, Canada (the Americas), Australia, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, among others, congregated in Nairobi to deliberate on a wide range of important national and global issues.

The Convention engaged local political and economic actors on areas of mutual interest to foster development in Kenya and strengthen bilateral/multilateral relations and democratic growth. Kenyans abroad believe that they are key stakeholders in Kenya’s socio-economic welfare, but there is increasing concern among them for the apparent poor engagements by policy makers on various matters of mutual interest.

The Kenyan Disaporans also believe that the Kenyan government (including devolved structures) and the corporate sector should open up clear and well defined engagement strategies to harness the various academic and professional skills possessed by the country’s overseas professionals for the common good.


Key Thematic Areas

Diaspora Investments in the 47 Counties

Kenyan Diasporians intend to launch massive investments in real estate, securities market, financial services, infrastructure, and technology.

Public, Private, People's Partnerships (PPPP’s)

 Diaporans will tap and deepen the concept of collaboration and direct engagement for Development among the various actors, including but not limited to public sectors (multi-level), private corporate, and civil societies.

Knowledge, Talent, Skill Management & Innovation

Diaspora can contribute is through knowledge, expertise, skill and talent.  Diaspora cannot be leveraged to promote sport, culture, tourism and diplomacy, and vice versa.

Youth, Women, Disabled Empowerment, Entrepreneurship and Employment (3'Es)

Diasporians believe that women, youth and even the disabled have a key role to play in the development of Kenya’s economy – not only both rural and urban areas, but also among the Diaspora

Governance, Diaspora Representation & Voting in 2017

KDA has identified good governance (or the lack of it) and insecurity are at the core of challenges holding Kenya to realize the great goals espoused in Vision 2030. In particular, the Convention will ventilate on impunity, runaway corruption, inequalities, ukabila and national cohesion.

Implementation of the National Diaspora Policy & Harnessing Diaspora Input in the WTO Ministerial Conference

 KDA was a major stakeholder during its conception and development. During the Convention, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, where Diaspora Affairs are anchored, shall enlighten participants on how far its implementation has gone, planned activities, any challenges encountered, mitigations, and any upcoming or attendant opportunities.